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Late CNY post.... hahahaha because I'm slow like that. I live in a world slow behind by 2-3 months!
I don't know why I am so lazy but sometimes I can't find motivation to do anything and some days, I can finish ALL the stuffs I wanna do in a day, or in 2 days, everything for the PREVIOUS week that should have been done, I can finish it in 1 day (includes using computer from like 10 pm to 10 am). 
Once I start doing, I just keep doing it. Otherwise I will procrastinate until it's REALLY time to get some shit done then I will go and do.... okay my resolution this year is to be less lazy. 

For now what I am doing is a secret!!!! But hopefully in 1-2 months I can mention it here, as well as on #chiccottage Instagram, I guess it will be good news for some, and EW news for some I don't know? Hopefully it works out....



MY late 1 month CNY #OOTD with my baby luv!!! HEHE. 
THE DRESS IS TOO CUTE but obviously from the photos you can see she don't like it and is obviously being forced... she likes being naked I guess.

Just taking selfies with my macbook. 

Anyway it was a damn boring CNY for me, I visited only 1 RELATIVE house this year? Usually I go to so many houses but this year only 1!?! but ang pow was still quite not bad cuz' ang pow from my dad's side is always BOOM POW POW hahahah. 

Hmmm... I guess CNY has change a lot, it's no longer like the "old school" CNY which I missed so much cause maybe I don't look like a family person but I'm a family person now! When I was say 15, 16, maybe not. I love having lots and lots of friends, but now it's not the same anymore. I just want a peaceful and happy family. And I learnt that you do not buy friends with money, and neither do you let friends shortchange you in one way or another. In short, I do regret mixing with the wrong group of people at one point of time in my life and yeah.. it's kinda too late but people say "don't regret, because it's what you wanted so badly at one point of time", and that's really true. 
But even if you give me a million dollars to stick around with you, I will not. 
I yearn for a happy family, or maybe I say this because I come from a broken family? I don't know but honestly, what can be more important than family? THIS CNY, I didn't even celebrate with my mom. but it's okay lah... I guess I'm bringing her for a short trip this month (APRIL) for her b'day!

New year night... with my erm supposedly aunty but I had just say cousin/friend/sister. Sounds better cuz' she looks damn young right? Hahaha. I call her Michy. 

CNY day 3 drinks I think? I can't remember LOLOL cuz this post is SUPER back dated SIGH. 
I will try to update more often but my fingers are lazy to even type "BLOGGER" until today, at 3.59 am that I got so bored I decide to update this dead space WAHAHA

By the way my brother is SINGLE and ready to mingle hahahah. Maybe not.
He wants a girlfriend, but no girls want him. Oh well.... 
maybe girls prefer more mature guy? LOLOL because for me, I would want a mature guy now... not a "XIAO DI DI" kinda bf. Lol and yeah, I'm like SINGLE again. But it's okay cause I'm really thankful for my brother, father and Minnie now. Even tho I wish I could add "MOTHER" but not living together so yea.... oh well time tells everything, and everything happens for a reason I guess. 

If you follow me since the start of this blog/ my web store then yes you will know this cutiepie12 LMAO. Hahaha turning 3 this year, so fast. I regret the times I neglect her for "FRIENDS" that I tell myself I must always put her and (of cuz, family) FIRST. I can't believe I ever gave her away leh.. then I think God wants her back in my life or something haha she went to eat some erm...
"KUN MAN TONG" food maybe 2 years back. KUN MAN TONG is actually the ghost baby thingy.
I don't know what exactly is that but yeah, put her elsewhere before and she ate the food up. 
End up the owner got into an accident, #truestory 

So I guess it's true such stuffs do exist... like if you don't take good care of it, it will try to harm you instead of help you with love/luck etc. OH AND YESSSSSS, the accident happen RIGHT after I took her away from the house so something MAY have happened to her if I didn't bring her away? haha oh Minnie oh Minnie... I'm sorry I was once so irresponsible but I REALLY do love her I just don't know what was going on with my mind at that point of time that I will give her away.


I bathe and groom her one, I think quite cute hahaha look like puffball.

Just a no make up me. Sometimes I just stare in the mirror and then start asking myself two three four more time if I should go out or not. Like the photo. In the end, I didn't go out. Lol 

Recently got my nails done at Glityz Fingers!! She's quite popular on Instagram, as in.. the shop is popular for their work! Cuz it's really much more chio in real life. It's hard to take a #NAILFIE you know?!?!?! The angle the lighting and all that shit. Michy brought me to do it, she paid for me haha thank youuuuuu, $140 for this set. Not too bad, can last for about 1 month, or 2 months if you take care of it well? HAHA. Nail extension, cuz I have really short fugly nails as I tend to bite but NO way I'm gonna bite this nail off hhahaa. 

The Marmalade Pantry. 

Not nice, I don't really like it but it's a dinz on Michy so... yeah THANK YOUUUU if you see this xx 
ANYWAY the burger was damn "hard" I couldn't cut and I had to exert a lot of force on my finger so it sux cuz' the burger almost flew :( hahahaha no it didn't just that I had a really hard time. If you ask me, I won't go back. I took this photo cuz everyone likes to post their "FOOD" photo and once in a while I also post lor. Like once a month kinda thing, I still prefer fast food like Macd/ KFC haha. Especially KFC <3 

Random thought, but do y'all get the runs/ lao sai like hell when y'all eat MAC SPICY FROM MACD? BECAUSE I DO AND IT'S FOR SURE WILL STOMACH ACHE ONE. Once I spent my whole day at home running to the toilet I told myself, NO MORE MAC SPICY. And I never had it again, as much as I want to. Lol 

After nails and dinner, went to 5tapasbar hahaha my previous work place, and oh how I miss my colleagues!!!! My manager ask me to return to work and I'm still contemplating cuz' it's pretty tiring and to be honest the pay isn't that good, but I had lotsa fun back then when working with them. 

Went for a TWO person one tower drinks at 5BAR after that I don't know if we're high already or what we decide to go SONAR, 2 person hahahah but after that our friends and family join us so yea. I was drunk, for the first time at Sonar. I don't know if it's SONAR that bores me or what but one hand can count how many times I got drunk at Sonar, maybe 2 or 3. Other places I can drink and get oh so crazy sometimes to the extent of "OH HOW DID I COME HOME AH" LOLOL when I wake up the next day LOL but Sonar..... never once. But that day, it happened. LOL 

As you can see, I had SHOTS. and it sucks. 

And this, I forget from which random day that I went for drinks with Michy and family... just some random day. Pretty much my boring life, drinks drinks and drinks. I do go for lesson, once a week thing only but still okay lah hahaha, can survive. At home got Internet, got TV, got Minnie, can stay at home the whole day already what!!!! 

Anyway... as much as I may seem like I'm not doing anything, I actually am, doing things!!! 
But just that I don't think I will announce it YET, I will... in time to come and when it's more STABILISE ;) perhaps giving myself a month or two more, if it's really good after my KRABI trip with my mom then maybe wanna blog bout it and share with the old #chiccottage. 

Hint hint. {my first day of launch, I launch at 12 pm and the site garnered about 700++ uniques at 11pm!!!} but of cuz' it's the first day so I got the "attention" for a new site, maybe who knows slowly will die down? Or maybe will grow? whatever it is, I'm keeping positive HEHE 
SUPER DUPER AWESOME!!! I will share it soon, if you know already, good, then support me LAH what you waiting for hahahaha. 
HAHA if not, okay lah you wait 1-2 more months LOLOL. 
P/S: I'm not showing off or anything like that I'm just really thankful +++ SURPRISED at the response cuz I didn't expect it to be this good. Or maybe it's not good. I don't know but JY to myself then hahahaha. 

U R G H okay anyways my fingers are numb, I have no idea why so I'm gonna end this post here, I will be back next week or next next week!! SOON SOON... what I always say but come back only a month or two later hahaha. 

Thank youuuu for reading!!! I'm glad that are people still reading this deadly site, I don't know who but thank you for dropping by 

G O O D N I G H T 

25.2.15 at 17:53 BY HANNAH

YO!! HAHA omg away from my "BREAK" quite a while now... 
I guess I was quite free all along just that I was so damn lazy to log in to blogger to update this space but here I am now because I was watching videos of roller coasters, came across the ones I sat when I was in HK and ended up tweeting abut the rides but you know twitter word limit is SOOO annoying... so!! here's me like one-two months later? ok..... 

Anyway!! If you follow me on my Instagram, I had quite a bit of posts and a very active Instagram account when I was in HK because yeah when you're not in SG, you just have so much more stuffs to update than the usual #selfie #ootd #welfie #whateverfie hahaha 



YESSSSS, the very cute me with a MICKEY MOUSE my bf bought me because I keep niam (nag) him as he told me in 2013 he would buy me a male dog to name Mickey to be Minnie's BF... LOLOL and then in 2015, it's still not here? but anyway!!! #day1 when we just touched down!
IT WAS DAMN cold and I was in "sandals like slipper" so imagine my leg freezing? 
If I didn't remember wrongly, it was about 13-15degrees?


Can't remember which day outfit was this but I 'ka pok' from my Instagram account hahaha. 
OH FOR THIS PHOTO, it was 13 degrees outside so I did bring along a COAT/JACKET after, just that it is not in the picture lah!!! because the sweater or whatever it is called 
make me look damn short?!?!?! 

Day 2 at random street for breakfast, we couldn't find FOOD and it was DRIZZLING and FREEZING COLD, the shop owner saw my lips chattering hahaha so.... he gave me hot water LOL

the whole trip (from the second day) I HAD ACHING LEGS the whole time. 
I swear it's really.. damn painful. the sore and ache, I still remember the pain.
It was painful at night then I woke up shouting at my bf to press HAHHA.
I still thought I coming menses or smth LOLOL but turns out I went to google it's cuz of the weather -_- 

and this photo.. taken by my bf with a SAMSUNG phone bot by my father!! SORRY but not sorry, I think we two can take quite good photo with lousy phone hahahah. #bueypaiseh BUT of course I know that there are better nicer photos!! YOU DONT SAY!!! I'm just saying they are not bad... you don't think so? HAHA okay whatever 


and this.. was taken with my IPHONE4 at Ocean Park okay!!! when I was on top of some ferris wheel I quickly snap snap snap wahahhaa. 
#omg #talented #iphone4 

HAHA omg and we wasted money because this artist can't draw for nutz, just supporting him actually cause I remember he was like some kinda old man, with long beard like got the poor thing vibe lmao so yeah, and by the way I don't look like that? THIN BROWS THICK LIPS LONG FACE...!? 
but anyway he help me to add Minnie for free, damn cute hehe 

did this at Ocean park anyway, costs about $30 SGD? 

Sat on a lot of rides.... and this gotta be one of my fav rides when I'm in BKK theme parks but I don't know why but the HK was fucking boring? LOL???? Okay.... whatever hahaha

Anyway OCEAN park was not bad for me... but it was drizzling a little so... :'( 
I wanted Disneyland too but not enough days and my bf says don't be childish. 
DISNEYLAND MEANS CHILDISH MEH? I think he is just plain boring lor?

Tried the "FAMOUS" Australia Dairy Co that night... I don't think it's DAMN good? Normal only? In fact when I had the macaroni thingy with meat I felt like puking? LOL... 
it just taste very... :/ kinda gross I only like the bread with the butter toast! 
Not very cheap either, like almost $50 wtf for the entire meal with only 3 dishes and 1 dessert.
Service was OMG? Damn bad and what made it worst was the entire menu was in CHINESE?! 
okay but whatever, I would go back again, but only for bread with butter toast! 

DAY 4 

okay on the second last day (4th day) we kinda ran out of places to go to already!? 
and my bf went to google for places and guess what? we took the wrong ferry... and went to an unknown island LMAO?! the ferry ride was some more ALMOST an hour, about 55 mins and I was sooooo grumpy and tired because I don't feel good inside a ferry so stinky with oil leaks smell, shaking like hell and all omg but TO BE HONEST! I didn't regret taking the wrong ferry after staying there for almost the entire day HEHE 


Somehow ended up at this weird ISLAND but it was good there... the wind, the breeze, everything feels so relaxed!!! the photos I took there just don't do any justice :(

ok btw this picture I don't know why LOOK SO PIXELATED BUT ITS DAMN CHIO ONE. 

My cute boobs HAHAHA boots..... 

ugh the picture seems pixelated from my drafted post hate it but still posting it like this cuz I can't post the image smaller if not the whole post look weird!? LOLOL like know some pictures so big, some so small -_- 

then this cute little house there that I saw! ANYWAY!!! 
YOU KNOW LIKE that entire place is very good place for retirees to stay and wanna stay out of CITY bustling life, I actually quite like it there but maybe if I went during the hot season I will say a different thing LOL

AND it was so good to see so many puppies there!? Most of them belong to the people staying in the island... I wonder why would they stay in the Island and not in the city? Maybe it's cheaper there? It's really kinda cheaper there, or maybe they don't want the "CITY"/ "BUSTLING" feel cause.. it gets hectic, just like Singapore but I think Singapore worst. LOLOL recently read an article, people say Singapore becoming a BUSINESS, not a COUNTRY. SO FUCKING THUMBS UP + PATS ON THE WRITER'S BACK! :D

DAY 5 

CHECK OUT DAY!! Evening flight so yeah!!! I love evening flights, NO to midnight flights NO to morning flights. I usually like to take flights that take off about 7 pm like this one hahaha. 

#nofilter for this hahaha

MA BOYF and I. 
We stayed in an apartment X hostel??? the room is okay but the surroundings... O M G 

I stayed in this COMFORT GUESS HOUSE E, in CHUNG KING mansion.
Go AGODA and check it out, cheap but omg I rather pay more next time.. here's one bad experience!
It was quite bad, like really damn bad the surrounding, full of indians leh? 
I was like "wtf isn't this a China/Chinese country" LOL IM SORRY but NOT SORRY.
[I don't have bad blood with indian people, but you never know what they are thinking what... like some more in a country that is not SG and anyway since young, adults always say "don't anyhow run later ahbunehneh catch you" RIGHT?!]
I was quite freaked out cause they were ALL so big size and on the fucking first day, 
my boyf and I went to the back alley to smoke and then I just tell him to take a photo for me lah?
Two indies saw him taking photo for me. 

that two indians came over... then I heard like GUY A say to GUY B "okay lah can one" something along this line then GUY A apparently asked if WE want them to take a photo for US (BF & I).

AND my BF still can say "wah okay lah" I was like FROWNING AND "NO!". 
Still want to act fierce.... later they come and "NO SIBO. I CARRY U UP AND RAPE YOU LA" LOLOL.  but they didn't lah but they walked off after that. 
I was quite WTF lor? cause I SWEAR I heard them whispering first before they asked us if we need a couple shot a not -.- but my blur bf like still can WAH OKAY LAH YAY YAY that kind? Some more it was a new phone that my DAD bought for my BF, the samsung K zoom so I also don't want first day phone kena take and run also right? I mean if they really took it then run, we also confirm cannot do anything, the whole place like Indian territory like this! 

P/S: just go google "CHUNG KING MANSION" click images then you will get freaked out already! 
it sucks, paid only $200-$300 cheaper then end up every time going back hotel like some paranoid aunty look left look right look up down left right one more time!!! 

BUT the only good thing about the place is that the room is really cosy.... and then it's really REALLY convenient, that's all. But if you give me a choice, I won't stay there again. 

TSIM SHA TSUI... hhahaha I kinda really love this picture too!!!
DAY #5 not many pictures cause we were leaving the country already and to be honest I still quite miss being there, it's not SUPER fascinating or anything like that but.. beats staying in Singapore right!? Yeah... on our last day, the weather also somewhat became "HOTTER" LOL, that when I wore my winter "coat" I felt a bit warm and took it out! 

For the entire trip I brought about SGD$1.1K (excluding flights and hotel), came back with only $60 ++ SGD left, just nice to take a damn bloody expensive cab from Airport to the WEST!! 
If you ask me, I will tell you I will WANT to go again, but only when it's cold, but my bf says NO? LOL? I guess he find the place a little boring cause it's very much like SG also.... their attraction like SG flyer, SG clarke quay and all? 

We did went to Lan Kwai Fong, I thought I could get some drinks lor? but end up... the place was a disappointment to me leh 

Ending off with a picture I thought was quite chio 3 months back (yessss LOLOL I delayed for 3 weeks, WTF HANNAH?!?!?!) but now not very nice when I look at it hahaha

OH WELL!!!! Not a very detailed post but I guess never mind lah LOLOL... I will go back again, next time with a better post, but actually this trip is my 4th TRIP already LOL. 
I used to love HK so much when I was younger my email was..

BUT I DONT USE THAT EMAIL ANYMORE OF COURSE!! Switch to a very stupid "uncool-destiny@hotmail.com"... LOLOL when I was primary 6, I REMEMBER clearly I was sad but don't know what about, so I told myself my destiny is sad and uncool HAHAHA 
Now it's better I guess... ohannahhh@gmail.com HAHA 


Will be back, but not sure how long I will procrastinate this time hahahaha 

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BEFORE... I get even so lazy to start on this post, let me just update A LITTLE BIT, so the next time I decide to come back, I will publish it already hahahaha. Anyway I know I am damn slow, it's like freaking 2015.. FEBRUARY some more and I'm just starting on my "countdown" days LOL!
Anyway I guess a lot of people went for ZOUK OUT and al but I didn't because I went to BANGKOK (yes, again OMGZZ) with my BFF for 8 freaking days? OH MY GOD I MISS MINNIE SOOOO DAMN MUCH after like the 3rd day, in fact when I was on the plane there I already miss her! WE ARE OVERLY ATTACHED WAHAHA 

I guess over the past 2 years that I have been in and out of BKK, I have nothing much to talk about it anymore because it's like I always go, blog also sian LOL... but anyway some photos lor WAHAHA 

I remember very clearly HAHAHA, this was the first photo I took!! SO.. DAY 1! 
Anyway, can't remember every thing already because after all I was there for 8 days and it's been almost 2 month half since the trip? HAHA i went on the last week of December to actually celebrate countdown with my BFF!! HAHA 

Oh yea, met some friends at the airport so actually it should be just BFF & I but I saw my friends at the airport so I guess we met a few times to eat and all? 
WE GOT CHEATED BY THIS MEAL THOUGH, even though it's not a lot, because we get to eat free flow and their service was FINE during the time we were having our meal.. so SGD $20 was okay to pay for? But meh, as usual I almost flared! So unethical! Same thing like what some thai people always do to push/ hard sell... tell you on promotion after that it's not when you ask for bill! 
Long story but forget it, it was a great meal after all!! 

#ootd for COUNTDOWN to a BORING CLUB... I was damn sian that night to be honest LOL
yezzz I don't dress up even to clubs, tight bodycon dress are not my thing HAHA, when I was..
underage and disgusting lmao, yes but now, I can even wear slippers but that is in BKK la.
SG the "MAX" I can go is to wear sneakers, I did before tho, super impromptu and forced to go to ZOUK, I remember I was like SUPER NOT DRESSED UP so I totally wrapped myself in hoodie all zipped up, with sneakers LMAO CUZ I WAS ALSO PAISEH  LAH.. some more that day I was.. DEAD DRUNK,  it was the FIRST time I didn't know how I ended up in the middle of a bus stop when I finally WOKE. THAT BAD. And that happened because I lied to my friend (colleague actl) LOL!!! tell him I stay at i.e BLK XX2 but actually it's XX8, I live like 2 streets down and kept saying I was ok but I didn't remember saying I WAS OK.. AT ALL! BLACK OUT.
Horrible experience, even have embarrassing videos of me biting my phone and all when I was black out WAHAHAHA wah.. come to think of it I very long never drink until like that but anyway it's not good so next time lah, 3 more months. << resolution for 2015 is to drink once every 2-3 months LOL

DREAMWORLD!! IT was my 4th time going there... I was, BOREDDDDD but also not BORED?!
Mixed feelings lah hahaha but really all the rides to me now is zero cake HAHA, the first time I went there,  I WANT TO CRY ON THEIR RIDES LOL it was super crowded that day tho..  this was I guess maybe day 5 or 6 already, I was staying at my BFF house in "BEARING" already! THE END OF BKK.. and dreamworld is another end to... so it was a SUPER LONG JOURNEY there and for once, my bff was losing her patience at the speed of the driver LOL!
I kinda miss those days now... hehehe ok brb I text YAN LING tell her I miss BKK LOLOL 

O HI? I am back after 9 days of drafting this blog post, as always... dragging so long hahaha but now I'm lazy to add more photos just kinda wanna publish it! 

I guess this is just some non edited photo because the colours look a bit off? But anyway! Went to SIAM market for random shopping and saw this aunty with 4 blind/ handicap dogs. 
Literally donated all my coins inside HAHAHA, I could have chose to buy the clothes she was selling to earn from the dogs but Minnie don't wear them? So might as well -_- just throw in some coins, hopefully this lady is a geunine dog lover not just using dogs for pity to earn her money! :)

In anyways, I would always chose to help dogs (NOT CATS. CAT IS OUT OF THE QUESTION) than sometimes.. beggars on the street because they're not genuine? I have so much more to say about the law in Singapore regarding how dog and cats are treated differently but I'll save it for my next post (DAMN ANGST and unfair every time I think about it!) 

Just another non edited photo because I a bit lazy want to edit HAHAHA and I think looks not to bad so never mind? =D ANYWAYS!!! I have pink rosy cheeks but fake one from super thick blusher! I love it tho HAHAHA I used to be damn bimbotic in upper secondary, I like my blusher to be SUPER pink to stand out but now I wonder... did I like look like those Chinese older days shows a not lmao

Went to the templed because Yan Ling wanted to pray... not a buddhist so I just visited for fun and being "touristy" HAHA... I cannot remember what was the temple name already, I guess something like "SLEEPING BUDDHA" de la.... 

I also went to pick some lot, (FOR FUN)!! HAHA like you know you shake until the lot drops and mine was a damn bad lot! Something along like "POOR WEALTH, POOR HEALTH, ON COMING BABY GIRL" SMLJ? Means this whole year I will have poor wealth, poor health and also... gna be pregnant with baby girl? If really like this I damn sad and xin ku but I actually.. don't believe in such stuffs so YOLO! THE "HEALTH" part is very true so far, haven't been in the best of health lately but I guess I am not eating clean, not sleeping well and drinking enough water?

I'm so damn sorry that my post is damn ROJAK like that cause the photos don't follow dates or day but whatever HAHA this one also not edited because I lazy, and looks fine so meh.

One of the other friend didn't tag along during the countdown night because he SAY HE WANNA SLEEP IN HOTEL SMLJ??? After pushing and bugging him like hell, he still don't want so the 3 of us went... the place was FUCKING BORING. WILL NOT GO AGAIN 

BUT thank God I'm out of the "drinking phase" in my teens life I feel? I mean like since the start of 2015, I only went to drink ONCE during countdown and once about 2 weeks back where I got really drunk and nonsensical I'm too embarrassed so I don't wanna drink anymore until everyone forgets the incident hahahah!!! 

Some YOLO artistic picture I took when my friends were up the podium but you know, the podium has NOBODY? THEN LIKE. IF I GO UP, I SO SHORT I WILL DAMN PAISEH ONE LOR
Somemore I wasn't wearing heels but anyway, the crowd also damn bad that day. I should have just went to some street countdown, I bet it will be more fun squeezing the crowd but not getting pick pocket of course!!! HAIS still feeling quite sian that my countdown was damn bad! I hope the countdown to 2016 I'll do something interesting! hehe 

Just a pretty cute non edited bunny looking photo of me before I end off my SUPER LATE COUNTDOWN POST HAHA and not to mention, boring since I have really been there far too many times :( counted my passport chops in 2014 itself is already 9 CHOPS! I could have counted how many times I went in 2013 but my passport got pickpocket (that person who sold my passport must have earned quite a bit from it because passport are VERY worth money overseas! but secretly hoping the person who bot it got caught at custom :X) okay anyways!! As I type this, I really miss the thai massage, I guess I have kinda became a thai massage addict, I AM ALWAYS very tempted to go for Thai massage in SINGAPORE but... find it too NOT WORTH IT because I'm always paying $8 to $10 max $14 in THAILAND and asking me to pay $60 for just an 1 hr in SG is just... I WON'T!!!

Looking forward to my next trip, probably in March or April, promised myself to cut down on the trips to BKK this year because I think it's time to explore other countries!! HE HE

I really wish I could do all these travelling with Minnie too but sadly I can't so bobian LMAO Minnie you stay in SG, until when you're going to be put to sleep I will bring you overseas and we will take a romantic video.. then I will put you to sleep there! :'( At least you got to get out of SG! << btw I'm talking serious here I really plan to do this for Minnie, probably have about 8-9 years down the route? She's only 3 this year, long way to go! Maybe by then I got baby 5 years old already who knows?

Been to Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and I guess the nearer ones like Batam, Bintan, Malaysia but I have never been to JAPAN :( I once booked a ticket to Taiwan but didn't went along the trip but I guess I'll make it this year somewhere Tokyo or Taiwan!! :) #savingup #lessdrinking #surecan

BATCH 2 HAS BEEN MAILED and BATCH 3 will be mailed by TODAY (9th FEB) 
Will upload the photos and review in the coming week!! ;) 

P/S: thank you so much for the support I got from those who bought the clearance grab bag sale from me by the way!!! the orders were crazy? but also because the price is crazily cheap I guess? Not trying to spoil the market price but I'm really so lazy to bring all the heavy bags to scape myself and clear them one by one which I may still have to bring back 1-2 bags if the sales is bad that day? and also because I really find everything too messy and just wanna get rid of them all, so yea! I guess I'm left with more or less like 10-14 pcs of clothes only and they are all repeated designs therefore I'm not taking up NEW orders at the moment because I don't want all the clothes to be the same? Like that sure kena complain liao lor? RIGHT?! So that few pcs of clothes I either donate or give them to YL thai cousin because she always like to see my clothes one hahahaha! Well!! If I amazingly find a bag of clothes I'll update on Instagram as well (if it's enough for orders)! because that day, I amazingly found a bag of LIKE 20+ pcs of clothes and a lot NICE ones because I even forgot where I put my things at sometimes.... my 2015 resolution is to be more neat a bit and keep a TO DO note... but  haven't get started, I will, soon? LOL

#scatterbrainHannah << my new name from my bf recently because I forgot really important things on really important days one

Will update on my HONG KONG TRIP! Soon!! Give me about 9 days I will be back de I promise hahaha for the next 9 days let see how I will spend my time, probably lying on bed all day JUST KIDDING I do have my hardworking days also! Like LATER.. I will be going to FUCKING OWN THAT BASIC THEORY TEST. Let me tell you I will own you by this WEEK, so that I can look forward to FTT and PDL (car license thingy HAHA) after CNY is over! HAHA 

BYE!!! I'll be back and thanks for reading my lengthy rambling post WAHAHA

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Welcome to my blog YO!! It's a place full of 98% words, 2% pictures, because I talk a lot more (crap), esp during the wrong time wrong place! No #OOTD shots for you because I'm too short, I will look like a kid taking "CHEESE" photos no thank you. NO atas food pictures for you too, once in a blue moon maybe lah therefore..
don't expect too much WAHAHA!
Anyway just so you know, I'm four feet six, hella short but hella cute!

Email: ohannahhh@gmail.com